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June 26, 2006

Was a much better day than yesterday. It's funny how our mood can change overnight!

Watched two world cup games and then went to the library. I wrote a paper on religious exclusivism but I still have to do some editing on it tomorrow. I read two essays on the subject one by John Hick who advocates religious pluralism and the other by Allen Plantinga who is a Christian philosopher. Both had convincing points. Although I agree with Hick that religious pluralism can prevent conflict between different faiths and create a more peaceful environment but at the same time I believe that there is nothing wrong with believing that your religion is the only true path to salvation as long as your decision is based on reflection, experience and evidence.

M. called me and was upset about an incident that happened at her work. She thinks that she deserves better than this, and that she's sick of taking orders from people who not only treat you badly but even don't give good tips! I totally agreed with her and tried to tell her about the future and how it's going to be bright and fulfilling. I didn't only say that to make her feel better. I sincerely believe in it. She is very smart and has every single quality that a successful person, especially a woman, should posses. May destiny be on her side.

Going to the Brookline Public Library tomorrow to get some books on German philosophy. I really like the new building. It feels like you are in one of those old European libraraies with ancient books.

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June 24, 2006

Today was one of those days when you are so low and full of despair that even Mozart and Rumi can hardly lift up your spirit.

I'm so weary of life. It seems that for the most part life doesn't offer anything besides suffering. Only love and art make it bearable and worth living.

I'm dreading my trip to Iran. I know that it's going to be torturous but I've decided not to live irresponsibly like my father. It's my moral duty to go and visit my old and lonely grandfather. I guess he's going to have a surgery soon.

Took an oath not to live in Boston after this summer. It totally breaks me. My family situation and financial concerns leave me with no energy. If it was not for my faith in destiny I would have committed suicide years ago.

But I’m not going to give up. A man's character is being tested in the times of trouble, and his value is dependent upon his strength. As Hemingway said, "A man can be destroyed but not defeated."

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June 18, 2006

Finished Schopenhauer's The Wisdom of Life.
Started a' Kempis' The Inner Life.
Had Philosophical discussions with Ali.
Watched Woody Allen's Love and Death.
Listened to Matisyahu's King Withouth A Crown.
Thought about the nature of art and religion.
Dreamed about the future.
Wrote a poem for M.

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June 15, 2006

Have been under so much pressure. I absolutely hate Boston. My stomachache has come back which I'm sure it's due to stress. I have no independence and peace of mind. Nobody understands me. It's not their fault. There is really nothing that they could do. Everything is just so complicated. I'm misunderstood, misplaced, and fate is not on my side. At least not yet.

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June 10, 2006

Finished Bryan Magee's The Story of Philosophy. It's a well-written book and I learned a great deal. There are a few books that I've decided to read during summer:

The Wisdom of Life
The Inner Life
German Philosophy
The Art Spirit
Art and Fear

Last night Shahriar told me that a respectable physics journal is going to publish his paper sometime in the next three months. It made me very happy. I really hope that things workout for him.

World cup has started and tomorrow Iran is going to play against Mexico. My guess is that we'll lose 0-1.

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