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November 28, 2006

* an interesting fact: jamaica has the highest number of churches per capita in the world!
* watched babel. although it was a good movie but it didn't leave any impression on me.
* aesthetics, ethics, existentialism, and political philosophy. these are the areas that i'm interested in philosophy.
* "other possible worlds" don't interest me.
- is there a god? there is if you want it to be. there is not if you don't.
- but is there a GOD? we can't know, and i think it's better that we can't know. if we could, then there would be no place for faith, passion, and sacrifice. faith and passion have only meaning as long as they are related to the unknown.
* finished "a confession" by tolstoy.
- i agree with almost everything he says.
- what is the meaning of life?
- science is not concerned with this question because life cannot be measured or experimented.
- although philosophy is concerned with this question but it has no answer for it because the task of philosophy is to ask questions. the better and more profound the questions that a philosophy arises, the better that philosophy is.
- the answer to the question of life can be only answered through religion and spirituality.
- tolstoy's favorite philosophers: spinoza, kant, schopenhauer, rousseau.
- and of course, he hates nietzsche!!!

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November 14, 2006

Last week M and I had dinner at the dinning hall in Southwest. It brought back bitter memories from two years ago. Listening to Dylan's "desolation row" made me feel the same way today. I would listen to it at nights on the way back to my room from library. How lonely I was. "We may be through with the past, but the past ain't through with us."

Natchwey's Inferno. A masterpiece. He's a saint with a camera in hand. "My job is to help reach a broad base of people who translate their feelings into an articulate stance, then through the mechanism of political and humanitarian organizations bring pressure to bear on the process of change."

Although I don't practice any particular religion but I'm religious to my core. How can anyone deny the mysterious aspect of existence and not believe in the Unknown. In order to see the Unknown, you should only close your eyes and look. In order to hear the Unknown, you should deafen your ears and listen. There is no other way to have a true experience of life except by living life with closed eyes and deaf ears...

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