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January 31, 2008

-There is nothing on earth more fascinating than the human face...
-Read some poems by Holderlin. I guess Ali is more impressed by him than I am. Although I have to admit that some of his poems are truly great.
-Listened to some of Coldplay songs on the way back home tonight. I like the song 'green eyes' a lot.
-Tomorrow is the presidential debate between Clinton and Obama. I'll pray for Obama before sleep tonight. I have a great dislike for Hilary. She is very irritating.

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January 28, 2008

third year anniversary...new york...chelsea hotel...room 702
a classic silver pocket watch...best present...late dinner at an unknown restaurant...breakfast at andy's...

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January 21, 2008

The realization of Unity, not only with one's intellect but rather with one's entire being, is the highest wisdom that we can attain in this life.

What is the purpose of life?
To fulfill one's destiny.
How can one know that he's fulfilling his destiny?
When this question has disappeared from his mind and its answer is crystallized in his heart.

The one who no longer seeks happiness, is the happiest of all...

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January 7, 2008

I turned 24 yesterday, and had a great birthday. Last year was probably the best year of my life. But I feel that this coming year is going to be very decisive and in some ways very different from the past. I've promised myself to make some major changes as to the way I live my life - which if I act on them successfully - my life will change significantly. Last year resulted in a transformation of my thoughts, and now it's the time to make a transformation of my will. There are three essential things that will help me to make this transformation. I should arm my heart with love, my mind with wisdom, and my will with courage. May God help me through all this...

Initially I wanted to be…a poet

My idea of perfect happiness is…a clear conscience
I get the most pleasure from…solitude
My current state of mind is…hopeful

My favorite music is…leonard cohen
My favorite movie is…there will be blood
My favorite novel is… the notebooks of malte laurids brigge
My favorite hero of fiction is…alyosha
My favorite names are…dylan, isabelle, scarlett, amsterdam
My favorite color is…blue

For me an influential thinker of the past was…aristotle
A current major influence is…emerson
The historical figure I most identify with is…van gogh
The living person I most admire is…cornel west
The living person I most despise is…dick cheney

The talent I would most like to have is…playing the piano
My greatest regret is…not going to a good university
My greatest achievement is…still working on it
My motto is…never give up!
I would like to die…in a battle
The purpose of life is…to fulfill one’s destiny

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January 3, 2008

Philosophy prepares you for death.
Religion prepares you for life after death.
Philosophy awakens your intellect and gives you mortality.
Religion awakes your heart and gives you immortality.
Philosophy opens your eyes to the realities of this world.
Religion opens your eyes to the illusions of this world.
Philosophy ends where redemption begins.
Religion begins where redemption ends.

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