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April 28, 2008

'You use sex to express every emotion but love.'

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April 22, 2008

A good doctor has a sense for compassion, and thus is caring.
A good lawyer has a sense for justice, and thus is honest.
A good businessman has a sense for prudence, and thus is practical.
A good journalist has a sense for objectivity, and thus is unbiased.
A good scholar has a sense for truth, and thus is seeking.
A good artist has a sense for feeling, and thus is intuitive.
A good mystic has a sense for light, and thus is illuminating.


The king
The businessman
The lawyer
The theologian
The scientist
The philosopher
The artist
The poet
The mystic
The saint
The prophet

Moses: the prophet and the philosopher
Jesus: the prophet and the mystic
Muhammad: the prophet, the mystic and the poet

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April 21, 2008

Suicide is a psychological matter. Not philosophical, metaphysical, religious, or artistic.
Suicide is a worldly and hedonistic act.
People don’t commit suicide because they realize that there is no God, Truth, or meanings in life. It’s not ‘meaninglessness’ itself that leads them to kill themselves. It’s the consequences that their beliefs have in their day-to-day lives which bring them to that point. There are people who have the same philosophical, metaphysical, or religious beliefs but they don’t kill themselves because their day-to-day lives is pleasing to them. I’m sure if Hedayat had enough money to support his drinking and drug-use, and a better family life or more fame he would never commit suicide. But now he is portrayed as the ‘poor misunderstood artist’ who was too good for his country and time. ‘We didn’t realize his genius and honor his talent. We our responsible for his death,’ his supporters say. What nonsense!!! There have been artists much profounder and talented who lived in far worst conditions without their true genius ever being recognized by their society but they never killed themselves.

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April 2, 2008

It seems to me that even when Tolstoy became a believer he accepted faith with mind alone and not with his heart. That is why there was a bit of ego still left in him. Ali told me the first time he saw Tolstoy’s picture he thought that ‘there was something wrong in there.’ I agree with him, but the Light in him surpasses the Dark so much that one is compelled to only gaze upon the Light and forget and forgive the Dark.

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