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January 11, 2010

turned 26 a few days ago...some reflections

what is your current state of mind...hopeful
who is the greatest love of your life...my brother
what is your most marked characteristic...aloofness
what do you value most in your friends...honesty
what is your greatest extravagance...books
which words or phrases do you most overuse..."nice", "interesting"
which talent would you most like to have...playing a musical instrument
what is it that you most dislike...selfishness
who are your heroes in real life...martyrs, saints, doctors, teachers
who are your favorite authors...rilke, dostoevsky, emerson, nietzsche, kierkegaard, whitman
for me an influential thinker of the past was…rousseau
a current major influence is…william james
what is the trait your most deplore in others...dishonesty
where would you like to live...isfahan (iran) or valais (switzeland)
what do you consider your greatest achievement...to have read [almost] every single word written down by emerson's pen
what is your motto...let go and let god

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